EMESRT has introduced a new, task based, design evaluation process known as the EMESRT Design Evaluation for EME Procurement  РEDEEP.  The purpose of developing EDEEP is to provide both OEMs and EMESRT members with a means to effectively identify the degree to which a piece of equipment meets the intent of the EMESRT DP information.

The Draft EDEEP process and a kit of support resource materials was introduced to OEMs in the first part of 2012. Following constructive feedback from OEM’s, EDEEP was formally published in late 2012.

EDEEP is a document designed to allow OEMs to provide information to the purchasers of EME, demonstrating their actions towards minimizing and mitigating risk within maintenance and operability tasks, through the use of design controls.

The EDEEP document is made up of key sections directing the user towards a final document to be supplied to the purchaser for evaluation.

  1. CTI (Critical Task Identification) information
  2. DP Reference Information
  3. TBRA (Task Based Risk Assessment) Document information
  4. Design feature information from the TBRA

Click on the following links to download the pdf version of each section.

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Standards
Section 3 – Procurement Forms
Section 4 – OMAT Training Manual
Section 5 – OMAT Design Philosophies

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