The Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) is a global initiative involving major mining companies. EMESRT engages with key mining industry Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to advance the design of the equipment to improve safe operability and maintainability beyond Standards.

In scope, EMESRT will:
  • Focus on design of earth moving equipment in surface and underground mines
  • Provide aligned design expectations based on risk •Involve interested companies in the industry
  • Share openly with all interested OEM’s
  • Listen, consider and value OEM contributions
  • Provide information on leading practice to OEM’s
  • Share leading practice to assist users in achieving health, safety and environmental compliance goals
Out of scope, EMESRT will not:
  • Discuss commercial issues or anything of an anti-trust nature
  • Provide approval for OEM or third-party design
  • Share OEM confidential information with other OEM’s
  • Impose adoption of solutions on member company sites