Continuity and Renewal

Continuity and renewal

One of EMESRTs significant strengths is the continuity of its representatives from member organisations. A core group of company representatives were responsible for establishing EMESRT and have remained involved.

Each has made significant contributions to developing the reach and profile of EMESRT and supported the evolving operational processes that can deliver successful industry-level projects. Importantly, they have established and maintained good relationships with senior managers in OEMs and industry third-party supplier organisations.

One of the most important challenges facing EMESRT is capturing the core representatives’ decades of effective work so EMESRT can continue beyond its original cohort of pioneers. Meeting this challenge has required formalising and updating EMESRTs operational processes as well as documenting the journey of current and past projects to provide insights into the activities that made a real difference in improving outcomes for users.

The effectiveness of EMESRTs approach for engaging with and influencing organisational decision-makers is reviewed at each EMESRT strategy and planning review meeting.

While EMESRTs role within the industry is well understood and highly regarded by senior OEM leaders and other industry supplier organisations, it has a lower profile in mining companies, including those that are members.

This uneven profile was reconfirmed during ongoing collaboration with the ICMM ICSV program in 2021, where senior OEM manager participants consistently and publicly endorsed EMESRTs successes and ongoing relevance.

This situation reflects EMESRTs underpinning philosophy of focusing on delivering useful outcomes. However, the EAG is working to increase EMESRTs profile and influence with all stakeholders, to increase capacity and support project outcomes.

Relevant stakeholders include research organisations internationally, regulators, industry associations and senior managers in operating mining companies (including EMESRT members).