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EMESRT is a safety by design organisation that facilitates equipment design outcomes at an industry level and its work program is based around coordinating the delivery of specific projects. Advisory group members, who are senior managers in their respective member organisations, make general and topic specific contributions based on their availability, professional and company experience and expertise.

EMESRT membership is limited to mining companies with contracted secretariat support provided by Mining3, a leading research organisation with global mining industry members. Further consultant support is sourced as required. Although membership is limited to mining companies, EMESRT recognises that without constant and broad consultation with industry related stakeholders is vital in achieving its purpose. That being to, accelerate development and adoption of leading practice designs to minimise the risk to health and safety through a process of Original Equipment Manufacturer, contractor and user engagement.

EMESRT member companies pay annual membership fees, which are based on the 24-month rolling projected project load, which is updated annually in Q3. This allows for planning by member companies to make adequate funds available for the coming calendar year.

EMESRT provides a common coordination point for industry issues. This often involves connecting / integrating related work by other industry groups, e.g. instigating and facilitating industry workshops to develop the PDS Interface Protocol, which is being formally drafted into Part 2 of the ISO 21815 Collision Awareness and Avoidance Standard. Other areas are ACARP funded projects such as the Proximity detection system (PDS) Testing Methodology project (Mining3 and University of Pretoria), university research, other technical R&D by research organisations and sponsoring member participation in ICMM ICSV programme workshops.

Above: EMESRT operating model.