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In our 2018 strategy review, the EAG confirmed that the successful delivery of complex industry projects also requires work to accelerate the development and adoption of the leading operational practice necessary to support the implementation of design and technology innovations.

“We exist to reduce and eliminate injuries and fatalities in our industry, and we do this by: developing and sharing processes that support safe, productive and practical outcomes at operating sites.”

In 2019, EMESRT provided financial support for the ICMM ICSV programs to connect a sophisticated information management application to a web environment. Key requirements for this project were end user ease of navigation to curated information and efficient database management to ensure that content remains current and available.

Based on the success of the ICMM approach, EMESRT will launch Knowledge Hubs for each industry project in early 2020 using the same platform. Each topic specific Knowledge Hubs will provide curated tools, case studies, reference information, links to relevant websites and other resources for all stakeholders. The key EMESRT navigation approach, the Journey Model below, reflects a project delivery approach that is expected to be relevant for personnel on operating sites.

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