Launched – Vehicle Interaction Knowledge Hub

The EMESRT Advisory Group (EAG) is pleased to announce the launch of its Vehicle Interaction Knowledge Hub.


Each year, transport and mobile equipment accidents cause between 30-40% of industry fatalities, and of these, half involve pedestrians. Mining companies, leading suppliers, industry groups, researchers, regulators, unions and others are working to eliminate these fatalities by:

  • Making existing controls even more reliable
  • Introducing new ones such as collision avoidance technology.

In order to assist the industry, EMESRT is launching its Vehicle Interaction (VI) Knowledge Hub, a curated online collection of tools, case studies, reference information, links to relevant websites and other informative resources to all stakeholders.  As well as the curated collection, the Knowledge Hub provides users with templates to assist in the planning and execution of improvement projects at operating sites.  The Knowledge Hub will enable users to:

  • Find information relevant to their operations
  • Improve understanding of site vehicle interaction scenarios
  • Systematically review current vehicle interaction controls
  • Scope up and successfully deliver improvement projects

EMESRT is committed to making operational site user information available to the industry to assist in addressing real-world occupational health and safety problems. 


“Launching the VI Knowledge Hub today, in its infancy, is intentional.  We wanted to get the information out to the industry as a matter of priority regardless of the quantity of resources available. We believe that the resources in the collection will be of value to the industry Now,” said the Advisory Group.


There are two main areas of the Knowledge Hub that are connected, the Journey Model (curated content) and Work Breakdown Structure (content for project management).  Both areas contain graphic navigation aids to assist users in quickly finding information relevant to them where they can adapt the information for their circumstances.

  1. The Journey Model navigation aid contains a series of questions and answers to assist users in identifying where they are in the journey
  2. The Work Breakdown Structure navigation aid reflects a project delivery approach designed for personnel on operating sites.

The EAG advises that the Knowledge Hub collection will grow in content post launch and will continue to do so as new suitable resources become available.  The EAG encourages the industry to contribute to the collection via VI Knowledge Hub Contribution Form if a suitable resource is available and does not breach any intellectual property or copyright issues.


To access click on the VI Knowledge Hub tab located in the top navigation toolbar of our website.

“This work, and other initiatives, would not be possible if it wasn’t for the EMESRT members and their continued support, thank you one and all.” EMESRT Advisory Group. For more information regarding the VI Knowledge Hub or EMESRT please send an email to