Become an EMESRT Member and be part of accelerating the development adoption of leading practice designs to minimise the risk to health and safety through industry engagement.


Membership is limited to mining companies.

"EMESRT fosters candid dialogue, transparent industry level collaboration, open sharing of non-commercial information, and active stakeholder engagement."

What EMESRT will, and will not do

In scope, EMESRT will:

  • Focus on design of earth moving equipment in surface and underground mines
  • Provide aligned design expectations based on risk
  • Involve interested mining companies in the industry
  • Share openly with all interested OEM’s and other third-party suppliers
  • Listen, consider and value OEM and third-party supplier contributions
  • Provide information on leading practice to OEM’s and third-party suppliers
  • Share leading practice to assist mining equipment users in achieving health, safety and environmental compliance goals

Out of scope, EMESRT will not:

  • Discuss commercial issues or anything of an anti-trust nature
  • Provide approval for OEM or third-party designs
  • Share OEM confidential information with other OEM’s or third-party suppliers
  • Impose adoption of solutions on member company sites

How EMESRT Operates

Advisory Group

The EMESRT Advisory Group (EAG) is made up of member representatives and its role is to confirm the strategic focus, prepare work plans, including budgets, and then to support the technical project leads. Each member brings their diverse experience, individual skills and thinking to the table and this combination supports the successful delivery of EMESRT industry projects. Strategic project selection is framed by member company and industry experience and concern, the development of a compelling case for improvement, and the ability of EMESRT to influence industry level outcomes. The EAG members lead the EMESRT Technical Working Groups.


EMESRT’s approach follows this simple and effective sequence: beginning by rigorously defining the problem and explaining it from the perspective of mining equipment users. Preparing an industry project landscape that identifies stakeholders, confirms current knowledge and articulates project goals. Then, build project communities and coordinate resources to leverage industry level innovations and improvements.

Work Plan Process

Each year the EAG holds a strategic planning review which discusses the progress / direction of each current project, strategically plan, and document, next industry project opportunities:

  • The progress of current industry projects, outstanding activities and the potential completion date
  • Identify significant industry issues within EMESRT’s remit
  • Review the project engagement with relevant industry stakeholders
  • Assign project lead(s)
  • Identify support personnel
  • Map out project plans, including objectives and deliverables
  • Develop and approve budget(s)
  • Determine the following year’s membership fees based on work plan identified and budget allocated

Why Become a Member

  • Be a part of a unique global network
  • Be part of industry scale leverage and influence
  • Input into an OEM common voice engagement process that applies a successful proven approach
  • Access to resources, experiences and expertise
  • Avoid duplication of work on the same issues
  • Access to an industry level “corporate memory”
  • Visible company leadership at industry level
  • Access to industry level engagement with regulators and standards groups
  • Engage with likeminded individuals with a focus on improved designed of safer earth moving equipment

What Makes EMESRT Different to Other Industry Bodies

The proven, and unique operating model sets EMESRT apart from other industry bodies.


Our advantage:

  • Proven global change influencer of guidelines, protocols, standards
  • Strong industry engagement and collaboration methodology that is recognised and openly supported by OEM’s
  • Diverse member expertise, experience and thinking
  • Clear vision and purpose in targeting industry “burning issues” by defining, documenting and communicating clear problem statements

EMESRT has a two tier membership structure:

  1. Tier 1 – A voice at the Advisory Group table
  2. Tier 2 – Access to all EMESRT resources and involvement in all technical activities/working groups

For more information on EMESRT membership please send an email to