Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

EMESRT has a specific purpose to accelerate the development and adoption of leading practice designs to minimise the risk to Health and Safety through a process of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), contractor and end user engagement.

In addition, EMESRT fosters an effective stakeholder engagement process and develops relationships that are based on trust and transparency.  An effective stakeholder engagement strategy is essential in growing the profile of EMESRT, therefore achieving its desired vision for a mining industry free of fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses associated with operating and maintaining exploration and mining equipment.

Levels of engagement

Below are guidelines on the levels of engagement as there is no ‘one size fits all’ in engaging with stakeholders.  The most appropriate method of stakeholder engagement, vary according to the situation, time, skills and resources.  All engagement methods have benefits and limitations.

The success of stakeholder engagement can be assessed by looking at the desired relationship EMESRT wishes to develop with target groups. The four different types of relationships and how EMESRT will engage are highlighted in the Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Levels of engagement.
Engagement process

EMESRT member company representatives actively promote the EMESRT engagement process at industry forums around the globe, introducing EMESRT resource materials developed to help understand the risks faced by operators and maintainers of earth moving equipment.  This has generated considerable interest from companies operating in areas other than surface mining. 

EMESRT has established a mature ‘common voice’ engagement process between OEMs and mining customers while working with other stakeholders in the process (see Figure 2 below).  This is achieved by:

  • Defining the landscape
  • Identifying the stakeholders
  • Influencing and coordinating industry level improvements
Figure 2: The engagement process.
Engagement methods

Figure 3 below provides an outline of the methods in which we engage with stakeholders according to the levels of engagement identified in Section 5 above.  The level of approach will be determined by the purpose of the engagement, EMESRT’s role and responsibilities, and the focus of what is being considered.

Figure 3: The four engagement methods.