3 – How do we gain support for the change?

How do we make the business case?

The business case for coordinating a consistent approach to improve Vehicle Interaction controls pivots on: cost, project complexity, the level of maturity and rapid development of technology options, the uncertainty of outcomes, and the wide range company and industry information and experience that can be adapted and deployed.

Before developing the business case for your operation, we recommend you review the resources and apply the review tools on this Knowledge Hub, including examples of how the business case for innovation was made.

What have others done, who can assist us?

Links to industry associations are provided below. It is recommended that you work through these associations to contact people undertaking similar projects in your region.

You can also join the EMESRT Vehicle Interaction community monthly online meetings by contacting mail to: enquiries@EMESRT.com

What works for our situation?

While this Knowledge Hub provides curated information to assist you, it must be adapted for your circumstances.

Some of the resources apply in all circumstances e.g. interoperability protocol standards allowing common third-party Proximity Detection (PDS) controls in mixed OEM equipment fleets.

Other resources such as mine design changes e.g. use of light vehicle segregated roadways, cannot be applied universally. However, once you understand the principles behind a case study then you will be able to decide if these can be adapted and applied for your situation.