MSHA Investigation Report – Summaries of two 2017 incidents of collision between heavy vehicle and light vehicles resulting in fatalities.
1. A light vehicle was parked near a wind row of a dump (operating lights and strobe lights off) with the occupant making a phone call at a dump. A Komatsu 930E-4, 320-ton haul truck leaving the dumpsite made a large arcing turn to allow more room a second haul truck and ran over the light vehicle. Surface Metal Mine – Copper
2. During a stoppage for a blast, a light vehicle containing driver and eight passengers was parked on a haul road, in front and to the side of a haul truck. After the stoppage was cleared, the haul truck driver started forward to make a U-turn and struck the unsighted light vehicle. The driver and one passenger were unable to exit the vehicle before the collision. Surface Metal Mine ? Gold.


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