Sub optimal layout or position of tyre maintenance area allows:

  • Uncontrolled access
  • Pedestrian and mobile equipment interactions
  • Projectiles from a catastrophic wheel disassembly can strike personnel

 Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI.00.02 Protocols for site induction and site access
  • BI.00.05 Effective contractor management processes
  • BI.00.30 Appropriate system for scheduled inspections including structured checklists and defect reporting
  • BI.00.31 Access barrier performance – regular inspection and maintenance of barriers for access – boundary fencing and barriers
  • BI.03.01 Fit for purpose tyre workshop complex location and layout
  • BI.03.14 Wheel Assembly Component Storage
  • BI.05.01 Tyre management accountabilities are assigned and documented
  • BI.06.01 Tyre Management Plan
CFM01.20 – Maintenance Environment: the design and location of the tyre maintenance area is inadequate


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