Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 140

Service truck tyre failure


Recently, a fitter in a park-up area escaped with minor injuries when a service truck tyre burst two to three metres away. The fitter noticed smoke coming from a wheel and had alighted from the service truck to investigate what he suspected to be a dragging brake. Believing the S-cam brake was jammed, he hit it with a hammer.

He stepped back to reassess the situation, knowing the tyre was hot and the S-cam was not jammed. The tyre on the truck then burst, with the resulting air-blast lifting rocks and grit off the ground, striking him.

Fortunately, he only sustained abrasion injuries. The injuries could have been worse had the fitter been closer or not wearing correct personal protective equipment (PPE).


Last Updated: 23/01/2023 03:20:57pm