During normal operations an external fuel source, introduced during maintenance ignites through contact with a hot surface such as a turbo charger, exhaust etc.

Caused by:

  • rags
  • grease
  • solvents and degreaser
  • flammable containers or
  • other material left in engine bay

 Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-01.13 Clear maintainer performance management expectations supported by an active and consistent performance management process
  • BI-01.51 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for maintaining mobile equipment
  • BI-02.02 Maintenance requirements cover all safety and operational systems on mobile plant
  • BI-02.40 Introduction and Control of Materials on Site
  • BI-05.04 Regular and consistent application of performance management processes
  • BI-09.06 Site spill response


Last Updated: 17/05/2022 03:47:46pm