Deployed fire suppression/response is not adequate, caused by:

  • Immediate reignition of a liquid fuel before it is detected
  • Fire or explosion compromises fire suppression system
  • Fire suppression design cannot easily extinguish a large vertical fire (in part due to fire suppression system (FSS) capacity and medium not suitable to type of fire and/or inadequate activation delay and inability to target heat source with FSS)
  • Reignition because fuel source cannot be isolated and hot surfaces are not cooled
  • Reignition because heat source is only temporarily cooled and there is still fuel e.g. electrical fault or engine still running
  • Flame location does not allow effective suppression
  • Deployment of suppression system does not shut down the machine and heat source and/or ongoing input of fuel to the fire occurs

This Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-02A.43 Alarms provide verbal directions for operators in fire situations
  • BI-02A.46 Fire suppression specification for mobile equipment
  • BI-02A.53 Operator display specifications are detailed for mobile equipment
  • BI-05.06 Regular monitoring of equipment status that predicts fires, alarms on equipment, and notifies
  • BI-09B.02 General Fire Training
  • BI-09B.03 Operator Fire Training


Last Updated: 17/05/2022 03:40:22pm