This guideline is a minimum standard that applies to vehicles registered for underground use in Western Australian mines in accordance with the Mines Safety and Inspection Inspection Regulation10.59(1) and (2) which states:

Fire suppression

Regulation 10.59
(1) The manager of an underground mine must ensure that each diesel unit at the mine that is turbocharged or rated at 125 kW or more, and each loader or grader at the mine is equipped with an effective and properly maintained AFFF or FFFP fire suppression system with a minimum of 2 actuators.

Penalty. See Regulation 17.1
(2) If a diesel unit in an underground mine is controlled by remote control, the manager of the mine must ensure that the unit is equipped with an automatically operated AFFF or FFFP fire suppression system that has the facility to be activated from the operator’s remote control unit.

Penalty. See Regulation 17.1
The definition of “diesel unit”, “AFFF” and “FFFP” are given in Regulation 10.47, which states:
“AFFF” means aqueous film forming foam; “diesel unit” means any item of equipment which has as its power source a diesel engine, and includes mobile equipment, compressors and welders; and “FFFP” means film forming fluoroprotein foam.


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