Emergency responders make the situation worse by taking some actions such as:

  • Switching off or reversing mine ventilation
  • Approaching the fire in a way which introduces more fuel or oxygen to the blaze
  • Moving into a position in the line of fire from any failing tyre or component
  • Using incorrect extinguishing methods which cause the fire to spread (e.g. water onto oil fire leading to fire spread to drainage lines/other site locations)

 Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-09.01 Emergency Preparedness
  • BI-09.02 Emergency Response – Withdrawal of People
  • BI-09.03 Strategy for testing, reviewing and maintaining the currency of the emergency response plan
  • BI-09B.01 Emergency Response Drills
  • BI-09B.04 Emergency response team fire training


Last Updated: 17/05/2022 03:43:55pm