During normal operations, there is a failure of reservoirs, hoses or lines containing fuel, hydraulics, lubrication, coolant etc. and the loss of containment is not able to be controlled or shut down caused by:

  • Non-standard installation of manual actuators confuses operator
  • Failure in manual/auto shut off of machine
  • Inability to manually activate fire suppression system (FSS) if machine left idling and there is a fire
  • Damaged fire suppression actuation system
  • Ineffective operation of fire suppression actuation system
  • The fire suppression actuation switch is not able to be accessed from outside the mobile plant unit
  • No integration of FSS actuation with machine shut off
  • The liquid fuel continues to spray or flow into areas where it can ignite or reignite even after shutdown
  • Liquid loss is not protected by fire suppression and/or is fed directly from storage tank

 Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-02.02 Maintenance requirements cover all safety and operational systems on mobile plant
  • BI-02.09 Regular checking and maintenance of alarms and monitors
  • BI-02.12 Serviced and checked fire extinguishers on mobile equipment
  • BI-02A.47 Fuel and exhaust specifications are detailed for mobile equipment
  • BI-05.06 Regular monitoring of equipment status that predicts fires, alarms on equipment, and notifies
  • BI-09B.02 General Fire Training
  • BI-09B.03 Operator Fire Training


Last Updated: 17/05/2022 03:44:17pm