Poor response/park up of mobile equipment on fire, caused by:

  • Lack of knowledge or training
  • Self-preservation on the part of the operator
  • Limited locations to park machinery that are not going to compromise response efforts (e.g. operating in a restricted access area)

 Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-01.01 Trained personnel who are supported by an appropriate and up-to-date training management system
  • BI-01.04 Trained, Competent and Authorised Mobile Equipment Operators
  • BI-01.39 Alarm and vehicle information panel expected response – information prepared for operators
  • BI-03.02 Operators follow site parking requirements
  • BI-04.21 Implemented road design guidelines specify minimum fuel bay, roadway and parking area requirements
  • BI-05.02 Effective incident reporting, investigation with effective corrective actions
  • BI-09.01 Emergency Preparedness
  • BI-09B.01 Emergency Response Drills
  • BI-09B.02 General Fire Training


Last Updated: 17/05/2022 03:46:17pm