Maintenance workers introduce heat, caused by:

  • conducting hot work maintenance directly on or adjacent to mobile equipment (sparks and slag contact flammable elements)
  • failing to adequately follow a hot work process (e.g. no or poor fire watch)
  • not deploying thermal protection around flammable elements of equipment when conducting hot work
  • using faulty hot work equipment (including faulty hot work response equipment)

 Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-01.01 Trained personnel who are supported by an appropriate and up-to-date training management system
    BI-01.13 Clear maintainer performance management expectations supported by an active and consistent performance management process
    BI-02.02 Maintenance requirements cover all safety and operational systems on mobile plant
    BI-02.60 Effective Hot work Processes
    BI-02A.56 Equipment selected or designed to minimise static build-up and discharge
    BI-03.05 Purging of fuel tanks before hot work
    BI-05.07 Site policy and procedures addresses risks of naked flames


Last Updated: 20/05/2022 10:55:23am