During normal operations, there is a failure of reservoirs, hoses or lines containing fuel, hydraulics, lubrication, coolant etc. related to:

  • The loss of containment is not detected e.g. detector or alarm failure, absence of pressure or containment loss detector and alarm.
  • High pressure/low volume liquid fuel continues to spray or flow into areas where it can ignite due to detection by volume only
  • Out of calibration detection devices

This Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-01.39 Alarm and vehicle information panel expected response – information prepared for operators
  • BI-01.53 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for maintaining fire detection and suppression systems on mobile equipment
  • BI-02.09 Regular checking and maintenance of alarms and monitors
  • BI-02A.45 Confirm that hydraulic systems performance meets OEM guarantees
  • BI-02A.50.1 Flammable Fluid Line Control Systems detect and react to loss of containment
  • BI-02A.70 Fire resistant coolants, hydraulic fluids are tested, approved and available for use in mobile equipment, when required.
  • BI-02A.80 System that monitors thermal digital fingerprint
  • BI-05.06 Regular monitoring of equipment status that predicts fires, alarms on equipment, and notifies


Last Updated: 17/05/2022 03:40:03pm