Dangerous incident Quarry|IncNot 0036553

Summary: A dump truck operator smelled fuel during mining operations. The operator drove the truck to where a maintenance fitter was located, before parking the machine.The fitter saw smoke and attempted to put the fire out with an extinguisher. A water cart attended and extinguished the fire. A mine investigation identified there was fuel near the turbo, and a fuel line was damaged. It was also identified that there was no fire suppression system fitted to the truck. 

Recommendations to industry: Mine operators must remind machine operators that they are to stop and call for assistance when they identify any abnormal conditions such as smelling fuel or smoke.

Fires on mobile plant are a known risk to workers and this risk is preventable. MDG 15 recommends that designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers should undertake an assessment of all fire risks.

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Last Updated: 23/01/2023 02:50:52pm