All workers who operate mobile equipment at the mine are trained and assessed for competency.

All workers who operate mobile equipment at the mine are required to be trained and assessed for competency covering

  • Wearing seatbelts
  • Ensuring that passengers wear seatbelts or other restraints
  • Not transporting passengers in buckets, trays etc.
  • Correct operating techniques
  • Equipment load limits – weight and dimensions
  • Site requirements for loading and unloading detailing:
  1. Load security and stability based on site conditions and requirements;
  2. Precautions to be taken when tipping loads.
  • Brake and retarder use during equipment operation
  • Electrical isolation
  • Identification of electrical hazards
  • Completion of pre-start inspections
  • Preparation before servicing and maintenance
  • Use of refuelling equipment and refuelling procedures
  • Park-up procedures
  • Parking in the event of a flat tyre
  • Response to vehicle fires
  • Site emergency requirements
  • Prevention of and response to tyre fires including activating the fire suppression system
  • Preventing and dealing with tyre heating
  • Recognition of critical events that could impact on tyre integrity (e.g. debris contact, spikes, etc.)

Mobile equipment operator training is delivered to schedule.


Last Updated: 07/07/2020 12:49:03pm