If new technology is introduced, it improves fatigue management.

Site review and planning to consider technology to support existing fatigue management approaches follows this sequence:
  1. Carry out a baseline assessment of existing mobile equipment fatigue control effectiveness;
  2. Assess the potential benefits of new technology to support or replace existing fatigue management controls for mobile equipment operators;
  3. If new technology is considered, establish functional and performance requirements for technology vendors that confirm:
  • What the technology does;
  • What the technology does not do;
  1. Review if the introduction of new technology can result in new situations and circumstances that can cause mobile equipment fatalities, e.g. through changes in operator behaviour:
  • Identify business and operational processes that prevent or mitigate the development of these situations and circumstances
  • Include these processes in the technology implementation plan
  1. Prepare the business case for the technology investment;
  2. Prepare an operational implementation plan;
  3. Confirm how the new technology can provide information to improve site operations.


Last Updated: 23/06/2020 04:01:33pm