Operators routinely park vehicles incorrectly, caused by:

  • Unaware or misunderstand site parking requirements by vehicle type and operating location e.g. what is fundamentally stable
  • No reminders on emergency and equipment breakdown parking
  • No consequences for failing to park correctly e.g. non-use of chocks, not fundamentally stable when refuelling

 This Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

BI-01D.01 Trained personnel who are supported by an appropriate and up-to-date training management system

BI-01P.01 Trained, Competent and Authorised Mobile Equipment Operators

BI-01P.10 Minimum requirements for parking in any situation – information prepared for operators

BI-01P.12 Sight lines and blind spots by vehicle type – information prepared for vehicle operators

BI-04P.11 Protocols for working on equipment in production areas

BI-04P.13 Established requirements for approaching parked mobile equipment in operational areas.

BI-05D.04 Position descriptions that specify expected supervisor performance


Last Updated: 04/08/2020 01:08:38am