All workers who maintain mobile equipment are trained, competent and authorised for the tasks that they carry out.

All workers who maintain mobile equipment at the mine are required to be trained and assessed for competency covering

  • Temperature monitoring
  • inspecting and checking V-belts
  • Hose requirements for specific equipment
  • Use of maintenance system and OEM checklists
  • Use of hose-crimping machines
  • Use of hot work permits and welding equipment
  • Pre and post-maintenance equipment inspections (e.g. checking for loose rags and oil spillage)
  • Maintenance of fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers
  • Isolation, testing and adjusting
  • Confined space standards
  • Test procedures for service and park brakes
  • Fitting of lagging, heat shields, and heat and sound insulation in accordance with OEM requirement

Source: Department of Mines and Petroleum, 2013, Prevention of fires in underground mines – guideline: Resources Safety, Department of Mines and Petroleum, Western Australia, Page 32

Mobile equipment maintainer competency training is delivered to schedule


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