Compromised operating environment caused by:

  • Storms including electrical storms
  • Failure of roadways e.g. slumps, washouts, sink holes
  • Actual or potential geotechnical failures
  • Fires and smoke
  • Floods
  • Precipitation: snow, sleet, rain, hail etc.
  • Dust
  • Temperature extremes
  • Infrastructure potential or actual failure
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Falls of ground or slumping of walls
  • Seismic events
  • Loss of ventilation
  • Animals etc.

 This Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-03T.01 Ceasing Operations Procedure – compromised operating environment
  • BI-03T.05 Lightning and Extreme Weather TARP


Last Updated: 05/08/2020 12:15:47pm