Technology Capability Assessment of the Glencore Waterval Pedestrian Vehicle Detection System (PVDS)

This extensive report from June 2018 by the Mining Resilience Research Centre of the University of Pretoria, South Africa reviews the implementation of a People Vehicle Detection System (PVDS) at Waterval East Mine in Rustenburg, South Africa operated by Glencore Ferroalloys.

For this successful EMESRT Level 9 implementation, the assessment considers both the technology and how it was operationally integrated while capturing key learnings.

Importantly at Waterval information during the operation of this PVDS system is continuously used to review design controls (EMESRT Level 1-2) and operate controls (EMESRT Level 3-6).

The drivers for undertaking this work are captured in these quotes from the project leader and site manager Mr Roy Murley.

“Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the beliefs by which we conduct ourselves. They define what it means to work at Glencore, regardless of location or role. Our number one priority in the workplace is to protect the health and well-being of all our people. We take a proactive approach to health and safety; our goal is continuous improvement in the prevention of occupational disease and injuries

Simple words – no more laid the seeds for the implementation of this, the world’s first mine-wide complete EMESRT Level 9 Trackless Mining Machine Collision Avoidance System.

The interaction statistics, between pedestrians and trackless machines, were an eye opener from the moment that the reports started to become available. This was despite the significant efforts which had previously focused the mining operation on the task of separating machines and personnel, prior to the implementation of this latest system.”


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