This 2010 analysis of injuries to haul truck drivers in the United States mining industry is based on MSHA data from 2004-2008.The objective of this work was to profile injuries sustained during haul truck operations, to identify priorities for further investigation, and to determine potential injury prevention strategies.

The average lost work days for STRUCK and SLIPFALL injuries was 60 and 62, respectively. The majority of the total incidents resulted in sprain and strain injuries; the back was the most frequently injured body part injured. For STRUCK injuries, the majority of activities being performed at the time of the injuries involved driving (63%). More than one-third of the total incidents resulted in vertical jarring of the haul truck (36%), and the majority of the total incidents caused jolting and jarring to the operator (75%). For SLIPFALL injuries, the majority of incidents occurred during egress from the vehicle (46%), and of the total incidents, 32% resulted in the worker falling. Almost one-third of the total incidents were due to the operator?s foot slipping (32%). Further investigation should focus on the factors contributing to haul truck operators being struck against a moving object and those related to operators slipping and falling.


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