MDG 2007 Guideline for the selection and implementation of collision management systems for mining – published by New South Wales State Government, Australia

Published in 2014, this intent of this guidance material is to improve interaction controls between people, infrastructure and equipment in coal mines, metalliferous mines and quarries.

It was developed by the Mining Equipment, Personnel Interaction Advisory Group (MEPIAG) made up of representatives from underground coal operators, unions, equipment suppliers, NSW Mine Safety and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines QLD.

“The purpose of this guideline is to provide information to assist in applying an appropriate methodology to define, select and implement a collision management system suitable for the mine and may be used to review the system in operation.”

The scope of this guideline is limited to providing guidance for an operator to select and implement a suitable system for their operation as well as providing consistency across the mining industry.

This publication includes important concepts that have been further developed to improve mobile equipment interaction controls by organisations such as EMESRT.


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