Reduction of Collisions and Increase of Productivity in Antamina Mining Company Peru.

This supplier provided case study gives an overview of the activities undertaken to develop a Collision Avoidance (EMESRT Level 7) System to alert operators to the presence of other vehicles in their work area/zone of influence.

Some key points highlighted in the study are:

  • The lack of success in applying a single sensing technology (RFID) to a complex geometry of interactions between shovels, trucks and dozers
  • Environmental conditions to contend with (high elevation, severe weather, dust levels, temperature ranges, etc.)
  • Constraints developed including accuracy to sub centimetre ranges
  • Benefits of site deployed R&D with regular input from operational workers and maintainers to the requirements and performance of the system – in particular obtaining (and reacting to) feedback on ergonomics of alarms, user interface, etc.
  • An interview with an operator (in Spanish with subtitles) is available on this link

A welcome, but unintended, side effect of the project was an increased loading rate – quoted at an average of additional 2.5 trucks per hour.


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