Expectation: Induction processes are in place and applied at operating sites to alert all people to key hazards and required controls they are responsible for.
Specify: Prior to visiting or performing tasks on site, people are inducted. Induction training and underlying procedures/rules cover:

  1. Providing skills and understanding before allowing site access and for specific access to nominated areas, such as working face areas, stockpiles/reclaim areas, workshops and other high traffic/consequence locations
  2. Requirement to always be restrained when travelling in a vehicle or on a platform (seatbelts etc.)
  3. Escorting requirements and restricted work area/activities including vehicle communication protocols, permission to travel and general warning requirements (including covering transport and delivery workers)
  4. Use of permits and having formal authority to conduct work
  5. Incident reporting and emergency response (including requirements for stopping unsafe work)
  6. Person Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPE) requirements
  7. Strict requirements to never modify safety equipment
  8. Mandatory, non-negotiable, and life-saving rules that everyone on the site is to conform with – covering prohibited items (phones, flammable materials, etc.), PPE, not moving under loads, controlling energies (isolation), having an approved plan for works, etc.


Last Updated: 14/07/2023 03:30:39pm