ACARP Project For Tyre Support Tool Development – which addressed a range of key items. These include:

  • What risks are present around tyre and rim maintenance and use?;
  • Industry-wide recommendations for improvement – including:
    • Improving training modules for maintenance operational workers;
    • Adapting these modules to provide reinforcement during times of challenge such as when components are less available or when there is a higher activity level occurring on a site;
  • Suggested projects to be promoted at industry level – covering assembly components and methods; removing energy storing items such as sprung lock rings; innovative solutions for tyre design, handling/handers and wheel assembly energy removal (e.g. removing pressure before being able to access components);
  • Standardisation of components and terminology;
  • Control and tracking of wheel assembly components at an OEM/OTM and site level;
  • Incident analysis considerations for tyre and rim related accidents.
C17032_Report – Review of Tyregate Creation


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