Tyres and Rims Management /

In 2007, EMESRT published Design Philosophy 2 (DP-2) focusing on Tyres and Rims. This project is builds from this work and the ACARP funded C14046 TYREgate: Risk Management Decision Support Tool for Earthmover Tyres and Rims – 2008.

Statistics indicate people from all sectors of the mining industry globally continue to suffer serious injury or death from unexpected incidents while maintaining large earth moving tyre assemblies. Most incidents involve stored energy release, catastrophic disassembly of wheel assemblies, tyre explosions from pyrolysis, crush injuries when moving tyres and wheels or working with mobile equipment.

Project Commencement

In early 2019, EMESRT commissioned the development of a draft Tyres and Rims Management Control Framework and invited experienced mining industry personnel to be members of a Tyres and Rims working group.

The draft Control Framework was based on industry information, guidance, operation experience and knowhow and included review of:

  • EMESRT Design Philosophy 2 – Tyres and Rims
  • Regulator information from multiple jurisdictions – incident reports, bulletins, publications analysis, and position papers, etc.
  • Operating site, company and industry documents
  • Research and technical information e.g. incident taxonomies
  • Relevant Standards and Guidelines

In two facilitated 2019 workshops, 23 people representing 14 organisations listed below worked to review, amend and validate a Version 1 of a CFw Baseline for Tyres and Rims.

Alcoa, Anglo American, BHP, Bluefield AMS, Caterpillar, Glencore, Otraco, Peabody, the Queensland Regulator, Rio Tinto, SIMTARS, South32, Thiess and Risk Mentor.

Project Progress

This project has already delivered a draft Tyre and Rim Management Self-Review tool, project plans including stakeholder management and has formed workgroups to focus on:

  • Competent Personnel – to confirm recognised skill competencies for maintainers and supervisors
  • Tyre Handler Equipment Design
  • Wheel Assembly Design