Design Evaluation for Earthmoving Equipment Procurement

The EMESRT Design Evaluation for Earth moving Equipment Procurement (EDEEP) process is a suite of tools that is supported by the OMAT principles. It was developed to help OEM’s demonstrate how they have addressed the problems set out in the DP’s. Meanwhile, using the design controls helps industry members thoroughly evaluate OEM equipment at a residual risk within maintenance and operability tasks.

The EDEEP document is made up of key sections directing the user towards a final document to be supplied to the purchaser for evaluation. These sections include:

  • Critical Task Identification information
  • Design Philosophy reference information
  • Task Based Risk Assessment document information
  • Design feature information from the task based risk assessment document

EDEEP enables mining companies considering purchasing equipment to obtain high quality information about equipment safety features in a standardised form. Completing the EDEEP process or equivalent will give OEM’s the information they need to design equipment ‘beyond standards.’

The information kit provides background materials, including the EMESRT DP’s, and a manual describing OMAT for task-based risk assessment, with a spreadsheet for documenting priority tasks, task-based risk assessments and the resulting Safe Design Information. It also includes a more detailed explanation of the process outlined in this report.

For more information regarding EDEEP please send an email to enquiries@emesrt.org.