Operability and Maintainability Analysis Technique

The Operability and Maintainability Analysis Technique (OMAT) is a ‘beyond standards’ method which focuses on operational and maintenance tasks for any piece of equipment. It is a task-oriented risk assessment developed to help designers identify and understand the human factor issues associated with operating and maintaining equipment.

Ideally, OMAT should be implemented by OEM’s at the concept stage of equipment design, but it can also be used by mining companies on site to review newly purchased or existing legacy equipment. Ultimately, it aims to eliminate design-related safety issues through strategic hazard identification, risk ranking and control selection.

For designers within OEM’s, the process increases the awareness of ergonomic and human factor risk management issues in designing heavy earth moving equipment for mining companies. This awareness enables them to be proactive in incorporating these ideas into their designs.


For more information regarding OMAT please send an email to enquiries@emesrt.org.