Design Philosophies

The first stage of the EMESRT engagement process was the construction of the Design Philosophies (DPs). Within the Design OMAT process, DPs are a means of aligning various hazards by putting them together into categories with other appropriately similar hazards. DPs present an aligned viewpoint on objectives, general design outcomes and the Potential Unwanted Events in a particular hazard category. The aim of the DPs is to provide information to help OEMs design equipment with the risk of unwanted events reduced to an acceptable level (ALARP), including consideration for foreseeable human error. The original DPs developed in 2007/8 addressed fifteen topics. EMESRT champions used company and other resources to enhance the accuracy and validity of each selected topic. These initial fifteen topics have now been consolidated into eight.

  1. Access & Working at Heights
  2. Tires & Rims
  3. Exposure to Harmful Energies
  4. Fire
  5. Machine Operation & Controls
  6. Health Impacting Factors
  7. Manual Tasks
  8. Confined Spaces & Restricted Work Areas

Each Design Philosophy is championed by a focus leader drawn from the EMESRT member group and the information sheet is supported by images aiming to illustrate an example of the issue presenting the risk or the human factor involved.