Performance Requirement 4 Translated

The EMESRT Performance Requirement 4: Mobile Equipment Fire Management, published in December 2021, has been translated into four languages: French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The objective of Performance Requirement 4 (PR-4) is to provide structured and comprehensive information that can be applied by designers and original equipment manufacturers, mining companies, mobile equipment users, and suppliers of fire detection and suppression systems to reduce the number and consequences of mobile equipment fires in earth-moving equipment.

When using PR-4 in another country, the language gap could result in major misunderstandings. To avoid this problem with PR-4, the EMESRT Advisory Group engaged a professional translation service to translate the document into the four languages without affecting the message of the content.

EMESRT encourages readers of the translated documents to send an email to if they come across any translation nuances that may occur in a specific region or dialect.

In time, EMESRT is hoping to translate further industry resources to assist in bridging the language gap, in particular the vehicle interaction control improvement resources developed for industry during the project phase.

To access PR-4, visit the EMESRT website resources page at