EMESRT Webinars – ACARP C26028 PDS Validation Framework Project Outcomes

Please join us for this informative webinar showcasing the ACARP C26028 PDS Validation Framework project outcomes. The timing of this webinar is an extension of the reoccurring EMESRT VI Working Group monthly meeting afternoon session.

The project aim was to deliver a standardised, scientific, and objective testing guidelines that have been industry verified and utilises the best components of the Mining3 body of work, and the UP testing procedure. There is no current rigorous method of verifying that the statement of intent of proximity detection devices reflects the actuality of the system performance once implemented. These guidelines will provide a path for mine sites and third party testers to engage with the PDS suppliers to mature the development of PDS units towards a higher standard.

Presenter: Dasun Gunasinghe, Research Engineer, Mining3

The webinar video will be posted on the EMESRT Vehicle Interaction Knowledge Hub and the EMESRT website for future reference.

For further information please contact the EMESRT Coordinator at enquiries@emesrt.org