Examples include, tyre handler release of wheel assembly, tyre handler movement crushes tyre fitter, tyres being delivered to an operating site falling on personnel when restraining straps are released. This also applies to loading tyres for offsite disposal. Contributory factors include:

  • Failing to consider the overall weight of the tyre/wheel assembly;
  • Solid fill in use on the wheel assembly;
  • Water in the tyre or rim (e.g. due to storage exposed to weather conditions);
  • Error in the use of tyre handler controls;
  • Presence of tyre ballast (e.g. water ballast);
  • Chains in place and lead to loss of clamping/movement of load during handling
  • Load height on uneven ground causes rollover

Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI.00.53 Introduction of Equipment to Site Process
  • BI.01.10 Tyre hazard awareness for maintainers
  • BI.02.08 Pre use inspections and maintenance of tyre maintenance equipment
  • BI.02.30 Fit for purpose tyre handlers provide by OEM
  • BI.03.02 Protocols for all aspects of wheel assembly maintenance and tyre repair
  • BI.03.10 Safe and productive tyre handler operation
  • BI.03.15 Process for loading, transporting and unloading tyres


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