Vehicle Interaction /

Operating vehicles (mobile equipment) and driving present the highest mining industry fatality risk, at 30 to 40% of all incident reports with just over half the fatalities being pedestrians.

In mid-2013 it was clear there was significant confusion on the effectiveness and reliability of collision related systems throughout the industry. Following an industry workshop in September 2013 with a range of global representatives, it was evident that there was a need to focus attention on this emerging issue.

EMESRT combined its Design Principle DP 5 – ‘Machine Operation and Control’, and proven methodology to:

  • Clearly define the problem (Vehicle Interaction is the problem, collision systems are controls)
  • Understand and confirm the interaction scenarios and unwanted event categories
  • Build a set of performance requirements to assist with the evaluation of Proximity Detection System (PDS) technologies on the market

Since then EMESRT has led and participated in industry-level initiatives with the common goal of improving the effectiveness and reliability of vehicle interaction controls in mining, including:

  • The development of interoperability standards between third-party PDS suppliers and equipment supplied by OEM’s – a common interface protocol allows PDS controls in mixed equipment fleets. This has led to the development of an international standard ISO 21815 Collision Awareness and Avoidance – Part 2 that formally defines the interface protocol
  • In 2017, EMESRT prepared a paper seeking Collaboration with the ICMM Risk Committee, ICMM Collaborative Technology Acceleration Summits which has led to involvement and ongoing collaboration during 2019 for the ICMM Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles (ICSV) VI programme
  • Supporting and contributing to the industry review of the ACARP Proximity Detection System Validation Framework Project C26028. The outcomes of this project are being aligned to allow transition into ISO 21815 to formalise the methodology for all to reference

Project work continued throughout 2019 and has delivered these milestones:

  • Supporting phase 3 of the ACARP Proximity Detection System Validation Framework Project C26028 that now includes alignment and collaboration with the University of Pretoria PDS testing work
  • Contributions to Technical Committee TC 127 (Earth-moving machinery), Subcommittee SC 2 (Safety, ergonomics and general requirements), Working Group 22 and 28 (Collision awareness and avoidance)
  • EMESRT financially supported the development of the ICSV Knowledge Hub for Vehicle Interaction, with the understanding that the underlying platform would be used on future EMESRT topic specific Knowledge Hubs
  • Development of an integrated package of information and support material including a draft Vehicle Interaction Self-Review tool for baselining current mining user site performance before considering the introduction of new technology and other innovations
  • Ongoing EMESRT support for the ICMM ICSV VI programme including attendance at workshops

The EMESRT vehicle interaction community is supported by monthly meetings and as required face-to-face workshops. Currently the community extends to over 140 individuals representing multiple organisations from mining companies, researchers, OEM’s, third-party equipment suppliers, e.g. PDS and other interested parties.