Presentation given to the 2018 Electric Mine conference by Jay Armburger of Caterpillar. The presentation was intended to share the results of Caterpillar’s testing aimed at capturing the differences in efficiency between battery-electric (B-E) and diesel (D) powertrains.

The fundamental difference between the two was presented with B-E nearly 3x as efficient as D and thus potentially producing 13 less heat as well as no fume.

In the presentation are points on:

  • testing methodology – a 2 day like to like comparison at Glencore’s Sudbury operation;
  • description of the mucking cycle;
  • measurements taken of energy consumed (kWh/litres of fuel);
  • temperature differences in airway – with a 3oC cooler effect observed for B-E;
  • energy cost comparison, and;
  • concluding remarks on suggested follow up studies.


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