MSHA Investigation Report – Fatal Powered Haulage Accident July 27, 2017

This document is a regulator investigation report of single fatality following a collision between a Komatsu 930E-4, 320-ton haul truck and a light vehicle.  It happened at an open pit copper mine located at Sahuarita, Pima County, Arizona.

A light vehicle was parked near a wind row of a dump (operating lights and strobe lights off) with the occupant making a phone call at a dump. A Komatsu 930E-4, 320-ton haul truck leaving the dumpsite made a large arcing turn to allow more room a second haul truck and ran over the light vehicle.

“The accident occurred because the operator did not have policies, procedures, and controls to ensure the adequate illumination of dump site areas and did not manage light duty vehicle traffic in active dump areas.”

Corrective Action: Management established a Mine Supervisor Developmental Training Plan, which addresses lighting and dump areas. Supervisors will visit dump sites to determine if the illumination is adequate and to ensure changes are made in lighting, if necessary, as the dump area changes during the shift.


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