EMESRT VI ROS 02 – Mobile Equipment is fit for use, key systems are functioning

An operating state where the Mobile Equipment unit is Fit to Operate, including:

  • key systems are fully functioning e.g. brakes, steering, tyres, lights, indicators, radio, engine, etc.
  • structural integrity of the mobile plant and any associated attachments, trailers and connections are rated and maintained to a standard that meets site requirements and loadings
  • warning and emergency response features of the mobile plant are in place and operational

The listing below contains two main blocks of information. The first, Important Documents, presents the Credible Failure Modes which impact on this required operating state. The second, Documents, lists the business inputs which address these failure modes.

All of the material is also available in the spreadsheet document “00 Control Management Sheets” which contains all of the failure modes and business inputs in a single view. The bubble diagram presents an easier way to quickly access specific data/information however.