This group of failure modes arise as a result of short term planning or communication errors related to vehicle traffic flows and interactions.  It includes:

  • Setting up haulage routes outside the capacity of the fleet
  • Requiring vehicles to operate in close proximity to infrastructure or hazardous locations
  • Poor inspection of or response to conditions in the work environment 
  • Operating outside permitted times, locations or other constraints

The business inputs which address these types of failure modes are presented.

BI-05D.01 Clear accountabilities for managers, superintendents and supervisors are included in comprehensive, site relevant road design guidelines and traffic management plans

Site road design guidelines and traffic management plans identify specific accountabilities by organisation position.

Competent senior managers, line managers and supervisors understand their accountabilities to:
  • Develop and maintain roads that meet road design standards including meeting regulatory requirements
  • Develop and maintain effective traffic management plans