1 – Why is this an Industry issue

What is this about?

Operating vehicles (mobile equipment) and driving present the highest mining industry fatality risk, at 30 to 40 per cent of all incident reports with just over half the fatalities being pedestrians. (International Council on Mines and Metals – link provided below)

As illustrated by the incident reports, there are multiple incident types and causes, constant employee exposure, and catastrophic events can occur with little or no warning.

Opportunities to improve vehicle interaction controls are being considered across the mining industry – see links below.

This work includes improving design, operate and react controls including the use of technology to alert and advise operators (Level 8) and intervene independently of the operator (Level 9).

For more detailed information, please see EMESRT VI Performance Requirement-5A Vehicle Interaction Performance Requirements below.

Is the issue relevant to us?

If your operations use mobile earth moving equipment and you are committed to maintaining and improving the reliability of interaction controls, then this resource can assist you.

The first step is to understand some key models and processes then apply them to identify process and technology improvement and innovation opportunities that are relevant for you.