EMESRT Launches New Website

Today, the EMESRT Advisory Group launched its new website.  The new site provides visitors with a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, fully searchable site that features a clean uncluttered design.

“The original site, launched in 2008 served its purpose to deliver important information as it progressed. As EMESRT grew, and workshop participation increased leading to a number of breakthroughs in several focus areas, we agreed the website should receive a significant upgrade to support future activities,” said Eve McDonald, EMESRT Coordinator.

The new site was created with the user in mind, with lots of white space and easy to navigate menu and drop down sub-menus.  It is worth mentioning that the drop down sub-menu may behave differently on different browsers.  The modern look contains information about EMESRT but more importantly it contains information on previous and current industry initiatives. 

“We have several new initiatives (Equipment Fires and Tyres and Rims) in the pipeline at the moment and we want to share progress of these initiatives with the industry and the general public via specific landing pages dedicated to each initiative on the new site,” commented EMESRT Peabody representative Mr Dave Champion.

“It’s early days yet.  We are hoping to grow this new site into an informative, interactive website where industry, EMESRT community and visitors in general can access information pertaining to the important work done by various EMESRT working groups,” concluded Ms McDonald.

“This work, and other initiatives, would not be possible if it wasn’t for the EMESRT members and their continued support, thank you one and all,” EMESRT Advisory Group.